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Category: Pauper’s Pit

Uncommon Sense: Ashes to Ashes

Welcome back, friends. I know I’ve been lax lately in my quest to bring you the best of hidden gems, buried treasure and forgotten pirate gold that is Uncommon Sense – if you need a target for your ire, please direct all complaints to my five-week-old son, who will be happy to address your concerns …

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Pauper’s Pit – Theros Set Review – Blue

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit!

Today we’re going to cover all the blue commons in Theros.  Again, ratings will be from 1 to 5, with 1 being “bad card is bad” to 5 being “this is the greatest common ever”.

– 2.0

Another reprint of a card that’s been around since Urza’s Saga, with all …

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Pauper’s Pit – Theros Set Review – White

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit!

I’m your host, Rick Starkweather.  Today, I’m going to start something I’ve never done before: A complete set review.  My take on the usefulness of the entire set, color by color.  Well, all the commons.  It is Pauper’s Pit, after all.  All of this will be on a five point scale …

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A Pauper Brew – Vampires

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit.  I’m writing this without a safety net, folks, except for a spell check, so pardon my insanity while I brew you up a tribal pauper brew.  This is going to be a thought by thought approach on how I build a theme deck.

If you’ve all been wondering what has happened …

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Pauper’s Pit – Bringing the Beatdown


Welcome to Pauper’s Pit. Today, we’re going to head our way around the metagame clock to The Beatdown. Today’s deck is going to focus on being aggressive.

I’d like to start with the basic premise that, with a beat down deck, you’re usually talking about large green creatures or lots of small white creatures. If …

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Pauper’s Pit – An Intro and Decklist

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit!  This column is going to dedicated to my continuing search for what can be the most accessible format for new and returning players.  Just getting started and want something (relatively) inexpensive to build that’s fun for casual?  Pauper. Have boxes and boxes of old commons laying around?  Pauper.  Have friends that …

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