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Tajic, Blade of the Legion EDH Deck – Boros Earthquakes

Tajic, Blade of the Legion EDH Deck
When I was growing up there were those occasional days when Dad would take leftovers out of the refrigerator along with some miscellaneous ingredients in the cupboards and mix it all into the crock-pot to cook for the day. Most of the time we were treated with a unique and flavorful dinner perfect for a house of a bachelors. It was using what we had available to us, frugality at its best. This memory and concept were the initial blueprints of my 12th EDH Deck, Boros Earthquake.

Crock-Pot Decks Volume 1 – Boros Earthquakes EDH Deck

Let’s create a new terminology today, shall we? Crock-Pot Deck. Creating a constructed Magic the Gathering Deck by including only including cards that are available to you in your current collection. Crockpot decks can be Commander, Standard, Modern or any other MTG format. Of course, the power level of your Crock-Pot deck will vary from others based on the size and power level of your extra Magic cards in your collection.

The Boros EDH Deck you see below is a hodgepodge of my leftover Red & White rares and ideas from my trade binder. Most of them come from the land of misfit bulk rares, while others are just personal favorites that I always wanted to play, but just didn’t have the home to put them in. For the moment, Tajic, Blade of the Legion is the Commander of the deck but his leadership will be evaluated when Iroas, God of Victory (or whatever his name will be) is spoiled in Journey to Nyx. We already know that Iroas will be indestructible, but it is the ability that will determine if he leads Indestructible Boros Earthquakes or simply plays a supporting role.

So a quick look into this soupy crock-pot of cards and the thoughts behind the indestructible strategy.

Tajic EDH Strategy

Tajic Boros Earthquake Commander Deck

EARTHQUAKES: Earthquake spells are designed to clear the ground for Tajic, while creatures with flying, protection from red and Indestructible are around to withstand the Earthquakes and trigger Battalion.

EQUIPMENT: An array of tools to assist Tajic with evasion (Whispersilk Cloak)or destruction (Worldslayer)

REMOVAL: Sometimes an earthquake is not enough. Sweepers such as Rout will clear the board, leaving only our Indestructible creatures among the dead corpses.

ANTHEMS: A small boost of power/toughness combined with a unique and invaluable ability designed to protect, save or recur our Boros Legion.

ENCHANTMENTS: Synergy at its best. Whether its white protection such as Pariah on Stuffy Doll or Repercussion blasting our opponents during our Earthquake effects.

SYNERGY: After slopping this deck together, I noticed that some of the pieces seem to melt together. For instance, take a look at Purity and the prevention it gives me during Earthquake-like effects. Also, there are no issues getting Anger into the graveyard with the “red X damage” given to ground-pounders. Aether Flash is super fun with protection from red and indestructible, while Infiltration Lens nets a couple of cards should opponents decide to chump block.

UPDATE: Played a 3 hour marathon game of Assassin with six of us at the table. Although this Tajic Commander Deck didn’t fire out of the gates, it definitely proved threatening at times and maintained decent board position throughout the game. Pariah on Colossus of Akros was super goodness in the late game and Quietous Spike put the hurting on a couple of opponents post-Earthquake. Marshall’s Anthem also proved “fantabulous” with a triple-kicked recursion ability to recover the pro-redders and Sun Titan sitting in my graveyard.

So what do you think? If I were to buy some cards to upgrade this deck, what should I get? I am looking forward to your thoughts and insight so please comment below!


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    • Austin on March 4, 2014 at 2:24 pm
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    Toss an Inquisitor’s Flail in there.

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