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Born of the Gods Prerelease Review – White/Blue Sealed Deck

Magic the Gathering™ pre-release events have always been a favorite of mine and are currently one of the few Magic events I attend outside of Commander and the occasional booster draft. I have had some really great luck at the last three prereleases finishing 4-1 (4th Place) for Theros, 4-1 (3rd Place) for M14 and 5-0 (2nd Place) at Dragon’s Maze, so let’s do this!

Silent Sentinel MTG Born of the Gods

Born of the Gods Prerelease Results

With plenty of rest the night before, a brutally strong cup of coffee, and a couple of EDH decks in-hand I was ready for a day of prerelease goodness. Joined by three comrades, we traveled by minivan through a ton of snow and winter bliss on a 20 mile ride to Just for Fun in Peoria, IL. For the second consecutive prerelease I chose WHITE as my path and color devotion. Once again, my card pool did not yield a bomb mythic or high dollar card, but I was pleased to see a strong selection of White and Blue Heroics, Bestows and Fliers. The only downside to my crop of cards was a limited selection of removal in my two colors.

After five rounds of play, my overall record settled at a high-end 3-2 with my only losses being to top 8 finishers. This garnished an 11th place ranking out of 46 players and a prize of two Born of the God Booster packs. My game play for this event seemed to be solid and I felt that I made very few mistakes, if any. I measure my own success in limited, not by wins vs losses, but by deck building and solid, mistake-free game play. The most disappointing part of my day was the amount of times I became mana hosed, which was at least once every match. My luck was so bad in the hosing department I constantly found myself stuck at two lands or taking mulligans down to 5 or even 4 cards. Due to this, I decided halfway through my second match to be on the draw when given the opportunity.

Here is the deck that I built from my card pool.

Born of the Gods W/U Sealed Decklist

At my age, it is hard to recall the events and details of my matches, however, I will go through a couple of the cards in my Born of the Gods Sealed Deck that proved to be relevant in gameplay.

Ornitharch in Born of the Gods Limited


Ornitharch: Honestly, the voting was close on this one. I really did not have a specific card that stood out as overwhelmingly more amazing than the rest of the deck. Nonetheless, when Ornitharch came into play, I found a couple of opponents choosing incorrectly, allowing me to have a beefy 5/5 flier or a couple of bird tokens for blocking. The good part about this guy hitting the table at the 5 drop slot was that most of my opponents had already used their removal by sizzling a few of my earlier fliers. When Ornitharch hit the table, it definitely garnered attention. The most distressing part of Ornitharch was the amount of times it sat in my hand when I wasn’t able to get to the 5 mana I needed to cast it.


BESTOW. Similar to my Theros Sealed deck, I relied heavily on Bestow creatures to beef up my 2, 3 and 4 drop fliers. Unfortunately, my pool of Bestowers were quite vanilla only allowing for increases in power/toughness rather than an ability or evasion. Bestow favorites Flitterstep Eidolon and Heliod’s Emissary were held in check most of the day due to their high bestow cost and my repeating theme of mana screw. Out of this group, I found that Nyxborn Shieldmate and Hopeful Eidolon were the most useful since I could bestow a creature on turn 3 or 4.

HEROIC. The most groans from my opponent came from my frequent turn 2 play of Akroan Skyguard. Quite often, I would either bestow or Mortal’s Ardor the Skyguard adding a +1/+1 counter for the Heroic ability along with the granted power increase from the effect of the spell. Chorus of the Tides also had a decent day in the air and in one game found itself to be a flying 8/8. In my losses, however, these guys were outmatched by the power and toughness of red or green ground-pounders.

THE REST. With the exception of Ornitharch, the rest of my creatures in the deck were scarce and made few appearances in my battles. I ran two Decorated Griffins and landed one on the battlefield maybe a couple of times all day. There were a few times that I could have really used the ability of the Griffins in support of my aerial attacks. During deckbuilding I was hopeful of a dominant show brought forth by the Prognostic Sphinx, but only casted him once all day. What about my prerelease promo, Silent Sentinel? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. With the drought I had in the mana department I may have reached seven mana twice all day long. At , casting the Sentinel would have been far and few between.


As stated previously, my card pool was a bit light on removal to support my strong U/W creature base. None-the-less, there were brief moments when Divine Verdict or Griptide removed a threat or prevented a smack to my dome. Thassa’s Rebuff was a joke and I sideboarded it in or out quite a few times. Another major disappointment was Revoke Existence. As my luck was spotty all day long I could never draw this when I needed it and it sat in my hand when I didn’t need it. Hmph, go figure. My best spells of the day turned out to be the one white casting cost Mortal’s Ardor. It proved useful in triggering my Heroic creatures, gaining some game-saving life, or as a combat trick to help my creature survive.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the Born of the Gods prerelease. Most of my matches only lasted 10-15 minutes, so I was able to break out my Purphoros deck and enjoyed quite a few EDH games in between rounds. I will definitely be looking forward to the Journey into Nyx prerelease on April 26th, 2014 and will be hoping for another good card pool and a better in the mana department.

How did you do at your Prerelease event? Would love to hear your feedback or stories, please post them in the comments below. 🙂

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