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Born of the Gods MTGO Draft Video

The introduction of a new draft format is an exciting time for everyone, and Born of the Gods is no exception. Just when we were fully comfortable in Theros, we get an injection of some much needed spice. Red’s a lot stronger this time around, but will that be enough to push it into being a powerful colour in the format, or is it a trap?

The infancy of any format is an extremely important part of Magic, and it’s when card evaluation skills come into the game the most. Knowing what cards are good before the others will give you a serious upper hand in the early days of the draft format. Watch the guys delve deep into Born of the Gods for the first time, and be sure to stay for round 2 where things get a little silly.

Round 1 – Black/Blue/Green vs Blue/Black

Are Denis and Oisin born of the gods? No, but they sure do get to play round 1.

Round 2 – Black/Blue/Green vs Ari Lax’s White/Green Loyal Pegasus

Windmill Slam versus Pro Magic Player Ari Lax of StarCityGames.com. WHAT IS THIS!?

Here is the link to the video from Ari Lax’s point of view. Unfortunately, it is only available to Star City Games Premium Subscribers. Round 2 Video from the view of Ari Lax

Round 3 – Black/Blue/Green vs Blue/Red

After the debacle that was round 2, the guys gather themselves and march into round 3.

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