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Born of the Gods Event Deck Review

MTG Born of the Gods Event Deck - Underwold Herald

Today I am going to be reviewing the Born of the Gods Event deck. This deck was put together with the intention of being really aggressive. It does a good job of it especially early in the game. With cards like Tormented Hero and Rakdos Cackler you can easily swing for two on the second turn. Throw in a Rakdos Shred-Freak on turn two and all of a sudden your attacking for four. I personally really enjoy aggressive decks and I have to say this one was not a disappointment. I love all of the elemental creatures with bestow that they put in the deck. Every creature in the deck is there for a purpose and really helps you out.

It does have a few downsides. One of them being the creature removal spells. Doom Blade is great until your facing a deck with black in it, which seems to be trending right now. The Ultimate Price isn’t too bad but it still really limits your options in what creatures you can deal with. My favorite removal card that comes with it is definitely Hero’s Downfall. It does cost one more mana than the others but it is worth it. It’s great being able to get rid of a planeswalker without having to focus your attack at it. The downfall is you only get one. So you’ll rarely get it when you need it. After the first game you can switch two Dark Betrayals out for two of the three Doom Blades, which helps and trade the other out for a Pharika’s Cure or something else in your sideboard.

I took this deck to FNM to see how it would hold up against the competition that is out there. The first two rounds were against Black/Red decks. The two decks were very similar to each other. They both had Mogis, God of Slaughter and Madcap Skills. The combination was nearly impossible to deal with. Unleashing Rakdos Cackler early leaves you with limited blockers and then they use burn spells like Lightning Strike to get rid of the rest. It becomes a race to see who can cause the most damage. Losing two life during your upkeep makes it an even harder uphill battle. I lost the first two rounds but managed to win one game of each. Both times it was thanks to Desecration Demon. You only have one in the deck but when you get it opponents tend to get nervous. Cast Spiteful Returned for its bestow cost on it and they will be sacrificing all of their defenders while making him stronger.

Desecration Demon Born of the Gods Event Deck

Next I played a black/blue deck. When I saw it was another deck running black creatures I instantly cringed. The first game my opponent couldn’t seem to get enough mana to do any damage. He countered a few of my creatures, but in the end I had enough Rakdos out there to quickly finish him. The second round was a lot more interesting. We both got a few creatures on the board but turn four I was able to play Desecration Demon and turn five I enchanted it with Spiteful Returned. His life was down and he used Clone to try to make it another turn. I played Ultimate Price and it was game over. I won the round 2-0

The final round I played was against a green/white deck. I almost shouted for joy once he started playing lands and none of them were swamps. It was finally a deck that all of my cards would work against. The first game didn’t go in my favor at all. It felt like he had an endless supply of Divine Favor. He played one of them on a Serra Angel and I had no answers for a flying threat that game. The second game we both built our armies but neither of us did much attacking. We were both concerned with leaving ourselves open for a counterattack. He did have an unenchanted Serra Angel that he would use to hit me for four each turn. I only had three mana so I couldnt play the Desecration Demon in my hand, but I did have a Mogis’s Marauder. He had me down to 7 life and he was still at 15. I had at least one of almost every type of creature the deck comes with including Herald of Torment (which wasn’t helping my life situation). I made sure I had enough attackers to deal the 15 damage and cast Mogis’s Marauder to give all of my creatures intimidate and win the game. The third game he couldn’t get anything going quick enough to deal with the onslaught of the Rakdos Cackler, 2 Rakdos Shred-Freaks, and a Tormented Hero.

Overall I really enjoyed the deck. I went 2-2 with it for the night. And even in the 2 rounds I lost I wasn’t swept. It was a lot of fun playing the deck and trying to figure out when to cast one of your enchantment creatures. Especially the Spiteful Returned. With it only costing 2 mana to get it out there its tempting to play it on turn two. I only mentioned a few of the cards in the deck but there are a lot more that really add to the deck. So if you enjoy aggressive decks and haven’t picked this one up yet I highly recommend it. Throughout the night people were complimenting the deck and some were surprised when I told them it was just the event deck with no modifications. Below is the decklist, so you can see for yourself all of the options you’ll have when taking it to FNM.

Comment below with your experiences with this Event Deck at FNM and some of the combos you loved and hated. I would love to know if you had as much fun with it as i did.

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  1. Great review on the event deck. When the decklist was first spoiled I thought about getting one just for the power level of some of the cards in here (and because I wanted them for EDH). Desecration Demon, Hero’s Downfall, and Crypt Ghast.

    It’s good to see that you can take a precon product to an FNM and still be fairly competitive with it. Well done sir.

    Great job on your first article!

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