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David Gentry

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Stalking Mists – The Gentleman’s Agreement: Fact or Fiction?

“Cast , shoot you with , Undying trigger.  Do it a billion times?”

“, float 14, trigger untap 7 lands.  Bounce him, float 14, cast him again?”

” triggers, blink , copy Resto Angel, get you for a million?”

“Play , copy .  Get them both back, take 20,000 from .”

Do any of these …

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Stalking Mists – A Primer to Pros and Cons

Hello everyone, and welcome to Stalking Mists, a Magic: the Gathering column about slinging spells and finding new ways to enjoy one of the best games of all time.  I have a few topics in mind to talk about, but since this is my first article, I figure a quick introduction won’t hurt.

My name …

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