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Erich Fuhrmann

My name is Erich. i have been playing MTG since ALPHA. Yes, since the beginning. It was glorious. Needless to say, I love MTG. I am a father of three, hence MTGdaddy. I have taught two of my kids to play and I am currently teaching my youngest to play. They love to watch my play, but they are also into their own style of decks. As for me, I am into EDH/Commander, Modern, and Chaos Draft. I hope that I can be an answer for any questions that you may have. I will write about my experiences at Grand Prix and Pro Tour (if I am able to attend), deck techs, deck lists, and articles and reviews. I may even write about MTG cosplaying and my experiences with cosplaying. Commanders: Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker Ezuri, Renegade Leader Oona, Queen of the Fae Modern decks: Naya Burn U/B Mill (to be built soon) R/G Ponza Tropical Fish 8-Whack W/U Counter Spirits B/G Elves R/U Storm Standard decks: R/B Aggro Tropical Fish Mono Red Aggro R/U Counterburn God Pharoah's Gift

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My GP Seattle Experience

Overall, modern is a wide-open field. In GP Hartford, Ironworks Combo was the big winner. In GP Sydney, we saw B/R Hollow One as the big winner. We’ve seen Bogles, Humans, and Robots win it all.

I have been a Modern player from the beginning of the format and I have enjoy it over the …

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U/B Mill EDH

MTG Articles


My name is Erich. I am new to the writing scene for MTG. I enjoying playing fun formats such as EDH/Commander, Modern, and anything involved with Chaos drafting. I am a father of three children that all play MTG. All of my kids play EDH/Commander and Modern. I will be writing about different subjects …

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