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Eliot Foerster

I'm ElderCheese and I have been playing Magic since around Ice Age so a few years. I am new to the EDH thing which is my current focus in the magic world. In my off time I enjoy art, writing, and hunting the most dangerous game.

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  2. 60 card casual: Burns for days — 3 comments

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60 Card Casual: Swarms of Slivers

So if I am going to talk about Magic: the Gathering I have to talk about silvers. Why is that you might wonder, well Slivers and especially the is the reason I got into magic at all. The concept fascinated me, a race of monsters that grow and strengthen each other though incomprehensible means. The …

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60 card casual: Burns for days

Sixty card is my main jam, and to start out this adventures exploration of the format that dominates magic the gathering I think we should consider a simple concept, Mono Red Burn. Who needs dumb beasts or treacherous minions you are an planeswaker. Rain your personal judgment on all that would appose you. Fancy enchantment? …

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Rakdos Lord of Parties – Rakdos EDH Deck

It turns out that EDH is a thing and lets you pick one of those fancy legends you own and turn them into a shiny general giving them purpose were otherwise they might have none. as it turns out meets all the requirements, he is a magic card, he is a legend and as a …

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