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Charles Sneerbite

Charles Sneerbite has been playing Magic: The Gathering for a decade and a half, starting around 8th Edition and the Great White-Bordered Flame War. Charles Sneerbite finds many things intriguing: luchadors, knife-throwing, mono-blue aggro EDH decks and writing in the third person. Charles Sneerbite has just finished his first novella which involves a wide cast of improbable and surreal characters and a complicated web-of-treachery.

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So I’m Eliot and I’m going to start this crazy train off by talking about what this deck does.  Well that’s simple its a control deck, well that’s done time to hand it over to Charlie now.  What, you want me to explain more?  Well fine if you cant figure it out yourself. Ertai …

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I’m Charlie: I like spicy food, needlessly complicated plans and sharp objects!

I’m Eliot:  I have a disturbing obsession with efficiency, lightning fast carnage, and I spend my days with all the kids your mom warned you about.

Welcome to WHEN SUDDENLY, the column for under appreciated generals! Here are the rules and qualifiers we …

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Nuh-nuh-nuh My Karona…

Let’s talk about two of my favorite topics: treachery, and commanders. There are a mere handful of cards that are both legendary and switch sides faster than Littlefinger in an amphetamine-orgy. Notable among them are such worthies as and of course, the topic of this article–.

Let’s face it, any card that got an official …

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Let’s Get In Character for EDH

Simple question: Does an play differently as a commander than or ? I mean, besides the fact that they all incorporate the honorific ‘lady’ into their title and while fictional possess two x-chromosomes?

Of course they do. It’s about knowing and understanding your general’s strengths and motivations.

Allow me another question. Does a deck with …

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Derevi: Warper of Format

Today’s article will be brief. It’s about the confines of the Elder Dragon Format that were breached by .

I’ll put this out there: I’m not a fan of the Bruising Bant Bird Wizard. I should, but for reasons I’m going to elaborate on in painful detail below, I don’t.

I mean, I should like …

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Generals That Will Make you a Target From Turn One!

Most generals (in my playgroup anyway) fall into one of three (rather broad) categories. Pillars, Middle-of-the-roam and tertiary. Pillar generals are cards that are enough to carry the deck to victory if left unchecked, are key to the deck playing consistency (the general is combo-piece or enables recursion/fetching) or set up an oppressive board state …

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Let’s Get Political: Part 2 – Colorless Political Cards

Last post, we talked a little bit about political maneuvering in multi-player games. We covered the idea of incentives (through gift-giving, chiefly) and basically bribing your way to victory. Today we’re going to look at the other side of the coin, the stick instead of the carrot: diplomatic means of saying “BACK OFF! I’LL MAKE …

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Let’s Get Political (Part 1)

Let’s say something that everyone knows already: Elder Dragon Highlander is a whole different animal from the other formats. It is, of course, a multiplayer, kitchen table format and it is because of these, and not despite these characteristics that endures. Because of those two traits, it is inherently more social, more dynamic and political …

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