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April 2013 EDH Commander Banned List Changes

What Cards are now Banned in EDH?

EDH Commander Banned List - Trade Secrets

For those of you that do not know, Wizards now updates the banned and restricted lists in conjunction with new set releases. The announcements of changes (and effective date) to these lists will be the Monday after the Prerelease of the new Set. This began in 2013 with Gatecrash. Sheldon and the EDH Commander Rules Committee stated that they will also follow these guidelines for their banned and restricted list updates. Ironically, it appears that the CRC (Commander Rules Committee) jumped the gun a bit before Dragon’s Maze and have already released changes to the EDH Banned List.

Now that my primary Magic the Gathering ™ focus is primarily on EDH (Commander) I seem to take particular interest in the announcement of the EDH Banned List. There has been a lot of talk amongst players lately of their strong desire to see cards such as Sylvan Primordial and Omniscience banned. I do have to admit, I was a bit surprised about the simplicity of this months EDH card ban announcement.

BANNED: Trade Secrets
UNBANNED: Staff of Domination

For reference, here is a link to the announcment made by obsidiandice on MTGCommander.net:
April 2013 EDH Banned List.

I really like the fact that the EDH Commander Rules Committee feel that the current overall state of the game is good and left most of the EDH environment alone; keeping the rules down and just letting us play. Sure there are several cards and combos in the EDH environment that are quite broken, but I am grateful that my playgroup is casual and we realize what is fun at our EDH table and what is “unnecessary”.

Next EDH Banned announcement should be in July 2013 with the release of the M14 Core Set.

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