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Ancestral Recall of EDH Gameplay Moments

Prepare for a bubbling overflow of thoughts. I will warn you in advance that some of the words I will be stringing together may make as much sense as brushing your teeth before you eat, for that I apologize. What’s wrong, you ask? Writers Block. I have that blip in the brain that struggles for content and forcefully tries to mash words into meaningful sentences. I feel the best way to sludge past this handicap is to put a few paragraphs out into the internet world and move on. Here we go!

Wait. Hold on. Ah crud, I can’t think of anything to write about. Well I need to write, so let me just rehash some memorable moments from my recent commander games. Let’s call it Ancestral Recall of EDH Gameplay Moments – March 2014!

March 2014 EDH Gameplay Moments

Purphoros EDH Deck
I’ll set the scene for you. Competitive, four player commander game. I am playing my Purphoros, Shock Master Deity deck. I have already been on the receiving end of the Omanath Mean Machine and was able to retaliate for the exact amount of damage to remove him from the game. One of my last two opponents was playing Kaalia of the Vast and the other was piloting Sydri, Galvanic Genius. After a few more turns, I found myself staring down the barrel of a win now or lose situation. If I didn’t win on this turn, I would have to pass the turn to Kaalia, whose flying army would be enough to finish me off. To make matters worse, the Sydri player had a Soul Conduit in play that was wreaking havoc on my Purphoros game plan. My life total was at 12, Kaalia at 14 and Sydri at 12.

I untapped, drew my card and surveyed the board. I had a small gathering of Goblins and Elementals on the battlefield, but the Precursor Golem and his two Golem buddies are where we will concentrate the epicness. After surveying my board state, my eyes focused on the Heat Shimmer in my hand and a plan came to fruition. Casting Heat Shimmer on Precursor Golem also copies that spell for each other Golem on the battlefield. So, with Purphoros out on the board, Heat Shimmer created a Copy of Precursor Golem AND the two Golem tokens in play for three Purphoros triggers and 6 points of damage to my opponents. AND, since the Copy of Precursor Golem came into play, two more Golem tokens entered the battlefield causing four more points of damage. It was around or about this time that our Sydri player activated Soul Conduit swapping my life total with his so the count now stands: Me: 2, Kaalia 4, and Sydri 12. Oh, did I mention that Kaalia had Ghostly Prison and Windborn Muse in play?

Combat Step. I swung everything I had at the Sydri player who was able to block and trade some creature life, but received lethal and bowed out of the game. I have four mana remaining, I am at 2, Kaalia at 4. I cast Akroan Horse sending 2 points of Purphoros damage to my opponent. I then gave control of the horse to my final adversary who read it, then read it again. He untapped, Akroan Horse triggered giving me a Soldier token, triggering Purphoros for the final two points of damage and an end to the game.

Vhati il-Dal EDH Deck
I was finally able to play my retooled Vhati il-Dal EDH Deck and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. My opponents were playing Borborygmos, Tajic, Blade of the Legion, and Wydwen, the Biting Gale. Vhati is a Golgari EDH Deck built around a -1/-1 counter theme. If a creature has a -1/-1 counter on it, then Vhati’s ability can instantly kill the creature by reducing it’s toughness to 1 (the -1/-1 effect or counter is applied after the change in toughness). Soul Snuffers came out first dispersing -1/-1 counters and Blowfly Infestation allowed me to redistribute them after Vhati began tapping and picking off creatures one-by-one. At one point Vampire Nighthawk equipped with Viridian Longbow was paving his own path of destruction by zapping opposing creatures with deathtouch. Finally, I was able to cast Sepulchial Primordial to gather momentum for the win. The most interesting part about this matchup was that the Indestructible Tajic was sent back to the Command Zone at least 5 times.

While playing a four player match with my newest deck, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, the power of Rhystic Study never ceases to amaze me. I was able to get this draw engine down on turn three and it lasted almost the entire game. Rhystic Study is just bonkers and is just a “must have” in almost every deck with blue.

Still playing Lazav, I casted Grinning Totem targeting Rubinia Soulsinger’s library and pulled out Artisan of Kozilek. After letting the Artisan go to the graveyard, I enjoyed a few rounds of a 10/9 Hexproof commander with Annihalator 2. šŸ™‚
Teferi - Knowledge Pool Combo
Same four player game as the previous two journal entries, only this time from the perspective of my buddy Austin playing Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. Austin is our resident combo player in our group and always brings really cool tech and shenanigans to the table.

So, what goes good with Teferi? How about Knowledge Pool. It was quite painful to watch the three of us struggle to comprehend what just happened to the board state, even after several explanations. Teferi + Knowledge Pool meant that we could only play spells at instant speed and if we played a spell at sorcery speed from our hand, they were sucked into the Knowledge Pool. Since this ability is still on the stack, we were then unable to play a card from the Pool due to the initial ability still being on the stack and Teferi stating we can only play sorceries. I did learn later, however, that cards with flashback and our Commanders could still be cast because they were not being cast from our hands. Not that it made any difference in this particular game.

Although the Teferi-Knowledge Pool lock was a bit confusing at first, Teferi ended up being bounced back to Austin’s hand (long, long story – but he more-or-less won this game) and we actually participated in a few fun shenanigans swapping spells in and out of the pool. I honestly thought the card was cool and would love to see it in a Chaos deck.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. Had him in play or in my hand a couple of times the other day and he just seemed like a wasted play/draw. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ashiok, he has some really cool abilities, but he just doesn’t work. I have tried him in both my Wrexial, the Risen Deep and my new Lazav, Dimir Mastermind EDH decks and most of the time he just wiffs. The three cards I usually exile never really impact the game and I only hit a creature about 1/3 of the time. If he ever gets close to his ultimate, he is usually met with a quick demise. When you actually draw a card (especially a Planeswalker) and sigh, wishing you would have drawn something better then it’s time to replace it.

My Sliver Queen Deck. Ugh. I just couldn’t get things rolling with my 5 color slivers (sorry, no decklist to share). I think it will be back to the drawing board. In fact, I would almost like to look into a Green/Blue based five color deck centering on control (but still with a healthy dose of slivers). Deck help will be needed, please comment below!

So there you have it, a babble-babble of a few of my recent EDH moments. My apologies if I bored you to tears, but if you read this far, hey, well it must have been fairly interesting? At least a little?

Well, let me know what you think. Thoughts, comments, similar stories? Please reply in the area below!

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