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American Hero

Man o Man am I excited about Theros! New mechanics, new types, and new planeswalkers are making this set look really good. So to start off the new block I thought I would share a my first (tentative) deck build with the new cards. Out of all the new mechanics coming out, I have to say that I am most excited about Heroic. I love being able to catch my opponent off guard, and Heroic is just going to get dumb. I wanted to keep this deck what I like to call “Low and Go” meaning that nothing cost more than 3, and I will be constantly playing and swinging things. Without anymore hoopla here is the deck:


The deck is meant to be fast and tapped out almost every turn. I really enjoy playing aggro decks but this one should honestly be able to go a little mid-range if need be. The creatures are going to be constantly getting bigger thanks to the Heroic trigger happening multiple times a turn. This is the initial build with what I have seen so far, so expect some revisions.


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  1. Interesting new decklist! I was surprised you didn’t include any bloodrush guys since you are already running red…

    Pyrewild Shaman costs 1R for bloodrush and can be returned from graveyard to hand for 3.
    Skinbrand Goblin and Rubblebelt Maaka also have decent bloodrush abilities for 1 Red mana.

    I really like the Scry and Protection from Color ability of Gods Willing. This card reminds me of Brave the Elements one of my favorite cards in my White Knights Modern Deck.

    (By the way… once the THEROS cards are loaded into Magic Gatherer, they will begin to show up when we hover over them)

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