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A Pauper Brew – Vampires

Welcome to Pauper’s Pit.  I’m writing this without a safety net, folks, except for a spell check, so pardon my insanity while I brew you up a tribal pauper brew.  This is going to be a thought by thought approach on how I build a theme deck.

If you’ve all been wondering what has happened to me, I’ve recently been absorbed back into Live Action Role Play.  So, in theme with the predominate venue and Halloween soon approaching, I’m going to brew up a vampire themed tribal pauper deck.

There are 103 vampire creatures in all of Magic.  Drop that to common and we have 32.  Should be enough to build on.
Tithe Drinker Vampire Tribal Pauper

Immediate considerations:

I particularly like Bloodflow Connoisseur, Child of Night and Tithe Drinker, as well as Viscera Seer.  Now, a full third of the cards in the deck must be type Vampires for it to count as tribal.  That means another quick scan and adding Guul Draz Vampire to the list.  So our starting twenty are as follows:

Now, for flavor, I’m going to add a couple Chosen of Markov as we must have “the Embrace”.  I wanted to go with Dead Weight (it’s the only black enchantment with vampire in its flavor text), but I’m not certain there’s a better spell yet.  There are 115 black common enchantments, of which Baleful Eidolon immediately makes the cut.  Dark Favor just seems a natural fit, thematically.  Edge of the Divinity and Mark of the Vampire also seem good fits.  Pillory of the Sleepless, Sadistic Glee, and Vampiric Link should be a given.  If we’re playing white in any amount, Oblivion Ring should be approached.  Dark Ritual is an auto four of.  Possibly Darkness and Diabolic Edict.  Also Nameless Inversion (it’s technically a vampire card, after all).  Lastly, there’s Unmake.

So, let’s thin this down.

I feel Unmake, Dark Ritual, and Diabolic Edict are all at least worth three a piece.  Thirty-one cards down.  Roughly six slots left.  Ouch.  I really like Baleful Eidolon and I think two would be fine.  Four left.  After some consideration, I like four Darkness.  It’s not good against post decks, but, with the new banned and restricted lists, it’ll help against aggro decks.  This leaves 23 slots for lands.

So this is what we’re looking at:

Looking at the deck as a whole, what you have is some removal, a chance to speed quickly into the game, and a backbone of vampires to try to outrace your opponent.  Is it all that good?  Hard to say.  But it’s a first version and untested brew and I’ll keep you posted if I get a chance to build it.  My apologies to cards the autocard parses out wrong, but, given I’m writing this late at night, I’ll hope you forgive me.

As a side note, pardon the pun, I picture the side being spot removal:  Murder, Doom Blade, Grasp of Terror, Oblivion Ring, and Nameless Inversion, depending on what you’re facing.

Until next time, remember, just because you play pauper doesn’t mean you can’t win like a king.




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  1. Great to have a new Pauper’s Pit article… Welcome Back!

    I was thinking Victim of Night may have a place in your removal suite?

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