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60 Card Casual: Swarms of Slivers

So if I am going to talk about Magic: the Gathering I have to talk about silvers. Why is that you might wonder, well Slivers and especially the Sliver Queen is the reason I got into magic at all. The concept fascinated me, a race of monsters that grow and strengthen each other though incomprehensible means. The more of the swarm you control the more unstoppable you are: what a beautiful and simple idea. Nothing is more discouraging for your foes to see then a vast host of slivers about to swing out.

MTG Sliver Article

Do I have to have a whole paragraph on why slivers? Is that a thing people wonder about? Why not slivers, fool! I guess its down to taste to be honest, there are a bunch of Tribal creature types… Goblins? Humans, maybe whatever. All those other posers are scrubs. Every sliver you put done has an instant, measurable effect on the rest of the hive that builds up to a glorious whole. That is what your sliver deck is your whole hive carefully crafted to defend itself and expand. Muscle Sliver is the classic example and likely the most basic sliver. When cards like Harmonic sliver and Brood Sliver start hitting the table it becomes quickly very clear how things get out of hand fast. In a very real sense slivers are just one massive combo deck, a huge puzzle that fit together to form some glorious death squad.

Why slivers you may cry, wail or shriek at your monitor as you read this. Why not any of the other tribal options there are so many to choose from. First of all calm down, second of all from a purely thematic stance those other tribes are mostly really generic. Slivers is completely MTG but that might just be me I see them as kind of mascots of a sort. Thematics who cares about that you say, well luckily I have some answers.

I dug out my ancient elf deck to explore this, and after a few minutes I remembered why I don’t use it that much. Other tribes like the elves have gimmicks, elves do mana and life game really well. Goblins do damage very fast and in a verity of ways, shocking for red I know. Merfolk combo or something I’m just assuming seeing that they are blue. Other tribes have big rare cards that get there effects going, like Lord of Atlantis, Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Goblin King and so on for slivers these cards are not only cheap but often common or uncommon.

This gives them massive flex in there play and lets them do something almost unheard of run nothing but creatures. Do you want to kill permanents? Necrotic Sliver, do you want to draw cards? Synapse Sliver the list goes on. Its a bit of a struggle to balance all this also considering your going to have to go several colors or live the thug life like me and go all five. However if you can pull that off then you can throw literally anything into your side board and run with it. Did I mention the sliver legends are hard core as well… well they are so deal with it.

I assume lots of people have their own ideas how to run this beck but they are not me and therefor silly billies. Creature spam is the way I roll, I have cherry picked my slivers to blend as much efficacy together with power. Do I run a legendary slivers? Why yes Billy I do Sliver Legion why… I guess because coat of arms is for nerds (shrugs). That choice has very little reason other then it makes me giggle drunkenly like a fool when it hits the beck. I should also say that as of this writing I have not added the newest slivers from M14/M15 to my 60 card deck. I more or less got pissy about the new art and had a tantrum like a five year old. That aside the most important thing I found is keeping costs as low as possible, I have a few cards that cost more the 4 mana and over half cost 2 or less.

Do slivers have any down sides other then being to cool for school thus lacking the higher education to get a real high paying job?… That joke got away from me a bit. Yes they do. Other tribal deck are normally very good at one or two things making them easier to build and with a very obvious win condition.

Slivers do literally do everything and are spread out over five colors and I wont lie this can be an issue. Slivers master nothing but have an answer to everything.

I think that fits the swarm idea, everyone brings something to boost the whole as they rush around eating people. Board wipes and mana destruction hurt real bad Gemhide Sliver helps but its green and dies to a sneeze. Slivers need to build early so anything that disrupts that increases your chance of failure. If I was to do anything different or out of the box I would consider some recursion possibly.

Conclusions? Slivers are awesome go get you some! The deck I have listed bellow is my 60 card casual vintage deck and it is pretty nasty. I’m always tweaking my decks but this one is fairly stable. Not sure I have more thoughts at this time but soon I’ll be writing something up for my in progress sliver EDH deck because of course that’s a thing. Until then I hope this helped shed some light on what is likely my favorite MTG creature type and maybe the aspect of the game I understand best. Which is to say I am really good at killing people with hordes of mutant worm creatures…

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