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My GP Seattle Experience

Overall, modern is a wide-open field. In GP Hartford, Ironworks Combo was the big winner. In GP Sydney, we saw B/R Hollow One as the big winner. We’ve seen Bogles, Humans, and Robots win it all.

I have been a Modern player from the beginning of the format and I have enjoy it over the years. I have played in standard events throughout that time, but I primarily focused on Modern. However, I want to talk about my time in the home of Wizards of the Coast, SEATTLE.

You see, I am from the South. I have only lived in Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama for my whole life. Texas is my most recent stop because I was stationed here in Texas for the Army. I understand what being a Southerner is about. I love Southern food, especially Cajun cooking. I don’t have the typical Southern accent, but I know what the phrases are… for the most part. However, I loved Seattle. The people I met were amazing. I met a lot of locals and I got to know about some of the local eateries. And, by the way, I have never had a good Indian cuisine until I got to Seattle. Regardless, I love Seattle.

So, when i arrived at Seattle, I got settled in at the AirBnB location near the convention center. I went directly to the convention center so I can get right into the competitive mode. And I sucked at the Last Chance Trials. I mean, I bombed hard. I made it to the finals of one and lost, but I did not win any after that. I thought my Mardu Aggro deck was it, but I changed that the night before the event. I know, I know… DO NOT CHANGE MY DECK AT THE LAST MINUTE. I hear people screaming at me now, but I felt I could do better if I stripped one color and made it dual color. That is when I settled on Rakdos. B/R Aggro was my choice and I was sticking to it. I had to stick to it because I submitted my decklist online. No going back now.

Day 1, Match 1 vs. Mono-red Aggro

I easily took game one and lost game 2. Game three involved me destroying a lot of his creatures and taking the game into the long game. I had sideboarded in 2 Vraska’s Contempt and 2 Abrade and I sided out 2 Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, 1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance and 1 Ahn-Crop Crasher. By turn four, he got out Hazoret the Fervent and was empty handed. I had an exerted Ahn-Crop Crasher and a Bomat Courier, tapped. In hand, I had both Vraska’s Contempt and 2 Unlicensed Disintegration. I had the mana on turn 4 to exile his Hazoret and I killed his other creatures when they came out. Game 3 victory and Match win. 1-0

Day 1, Match 2 vs. W/U God-Pharoah’s Gift

I took him out in two. I had one, two, three, four drop. He could not compete at that quick pace. He could not Settle the Wreckage or Fumigate, nor could he Cast Out or Ixalan’s Binding enough to beat me. Victory goes to me. 2-0

Day 1, Match 3 vs. U/R God-Pharaoh’s Gift

I lost both games easily because I could not figure out the game play on game 1. I had a plan for game two, but I lost out in the long game and he GPG me. 2-1

Day 1, Match 4 vs. W/B Approach

Game 1 was a loss for me. Game 2 was a victory for me because I Lost Legacy his Approach of the Second Sun and I beat him handily. Game 3 was a loss because he was able to Lost Legacy my Lost Legacy and then he cast his two Approach to win. 2-2. Brink.

Day 1, Match 5 vs. Mono-red Aggro

I won in two games. He just could not keep creatures out with my B/R removal. 3-2. Brink.

Day 1, match 6 vs. U/R God-Pharaoh’s Gift.

I went into this match seeing a replay and I was able to Abrade all of his God-Pharaoh’s Gift to take game 1. I lost game 2. Game 3 went down to being able to cast Lost Legacy and I was unable to cast it with his counter ability. 3-3 drop.

I did achieve my Personal Best in my record at a GP. Now, I am looking for a Day 2 showing. My next GP will be in Portland for Modern. That will be in December. I may even go to Atlanta GP for Modern if I can afford it. I hope to be able to play in both. I have from now until November to pay for both events, hotels (AirBnB) and flights. I think I can accomplish that. if not, then I will look at going to Mexico City for some Limited action and play in the GP there, in September.

Hope to see you at any of these events.

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